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Laser tattoo removal can be a life-changing experience. People seek it out for a variety of reasons. Their tattoos might remind them of a stage of their life that no longer represents who they are. The tattoo placement could be interfering with career opportunities. Perhaps they just don’t want the tattoo any longer and would feel better with it gone.

 Regardless of the reason, it’s an important step for many people. If you have an upcoming session and aren’t sure what to do in the lead-up, this blog is for you. You’ll be able to show up to your first appointment (and any subsequent ones) feeling confident and prepared.

 Without further ado, here’s what you should do before your laser tattoo removal.

Set Your Expectations

Laser tattoo removal typically isn’t a “one-and-done” experience. It takes time and often requires multiple appointments before it’s complete. When you book your appointment, talk to your specialist about the size of your tattoo and other factors that could influence the number of sessions you’ll need and the potential results of each one.

 Get an idea of what your tattoo could look like after the first session (and subsequent ones). You’ll feel more satisfied with the experience if you’ve set realistic expectations.

 Ask to see work from your specialist and the shop, too. At Clear Out Ink, we have numerous photos of past clients before and after their removal. Every tattoo is different, but you should feel comfortable with your expert’s work.

Eat and Drink

Don’t show up to your appointment dehydrated and running on an empty stomach. Clear Out Ink offers a painless removal experience, but you still don’t want to run the risk of feeling light-headed or suffering from vertigo. You should be as comfortable as possible for your appointment. That should include having a good meal and some water before your session!


Come Clean

Show up to your appointment with the area completely clean. Don’t use any sort of lotions, creams, or anything else over the treatment area. Discuss with the person doing your removal whether or not you should shave the area before the appointment.

Talk to Your Specialist

Don’t be shy about asking questions before your appointment. If you’re curious or nervous about anything – ask! They’re the expert, after all, and you should feel comfortable discussing your tattoo removal with them.

Ask if there’s anything you should avoid leading up to the appointment, including topical (or other) medications. It’s usually recommended that you not take aspirin, ibuprofen, or other blood thinners before your appointment, but ask about their personal recommendations and what the shop requires.

Wear Loose Clothes

On the day of your appointment, wear something comfortable. The process should be as painless as possible, but you should still avoid tight clothing that will rub against the area afterward. Opt for loose-fitting clothing instead and give your skin time to rest.


At Clear Out Ink, we strive to make your tattoo removal experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. By taking the steps above, you can help ensure that happens!