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There can come a time when a tattoo is no longer a great idea. The good news is that a Las Vegas tattoo removal service like Clear Out Ink can help. It is possible to get rid of any tattoo that you no longer desire through laser removal.

It helps to know what the process looks like, however. For instance, how many sessions will it take before that undesired tattoo has finally been made a thing of the past? Here is what to know about laser tattoo removal.

Metabolism Matters

Any number of factors can impact the laser tattoo removal process. What most don’t realize is that metabolism can play a part in how many sessions are required before a tattoo can be fully removed.

For instance, the more body weight increases, the slower speed at which a tattoo can be removed. Blood circulation is also crucial here. When weight increases, circulation worsens, which also makes metabolism slow.

These are contributing factors that can make the removal process slow down. This is because skin integrity declines and a safer treatment plan will be required to remove that tattoo. If anything, greater patience is required in situations like this.

Color Tattoos Take Longer

There is another difference in the tattoo that can wind up playing a role in the tattoo removal process. For instance, having a colored tattoo can wind up taking a lot longer to safely remove than a non-color or faded tattoo.

It is all about the laser being able to absorb the color of the ink. Since lighter colors don’t absorb as much of the laser energy, it means more treatments will be required. Lighter colors can be especially difficult because they require more energy to absorb all of the ink.

Colorful tattoos that have faded might be a little easier to remove, but it depends on several factors from the individual. The more complications, the longer the tattoo removal will take.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no set period for how many sessions it will take to remove a tattoo. Each person has their own body and skin composition, blood flow, and metabolism that can impact the removal process.

On average, smaller tattoos can take anywhere from five to seven sessions to fully remove. Larger tattoos can take up to 10 different removal sessions. But with different factors, some tattoos can take only a couple or as many as a dozen sessions to safely remove.

Seek Out a Free Consultation Today

Remember that each person is different. One tattoo may take longer or shorter to remove than others. The thing to do is schedule a consultation with a Las Vegas tattoo removal service like Clear Out Ink as soon as possible.

That way, you can find out exactly how many sessions laser tattoo removal will take. No guesswork, no uncertainty. Then, you can plan out your sessions and ensure that the tattoo removal process goes smoothly from start to finish.