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The process of laser tattoo removal has come a long way. There was once a time when it was quite a painful process Thankfully, with the help of Clear Out Ink in Las Vegas, you can experience painless tattoo removal.


There are a couple of methods in which the tattoo removal process can see pain reduced or even eliminated. The first is through a cream applied to the area. The second is with the Zimmer chilling system, which uses cool air during the treatment.


Zimmer Chilling System

A new bit of technology that is helping Clear Out Ink provide painless tattoo removal to Henderson and Las Vegas is known as the Zimmer chilling system. The chilling system works by delivering temperatures as low as -30°C.


The goal of the device is to help minimize and even eliminate the pain caused by the tattoo removal process. What is great about this technology is that it can be used during not only tattoo removal but tattoo application, injections, laser hair removal, and more.


This new technology has proven an effective means for painlessly removing tattoos. Don’t fear going through the process any longer when the chilling system can provide relief. Get rid of that unwanted tattoo safely and without the pain that it may have otherwise caused.


Tattoo Removal Creams

There are also chemical tattoo removal creams that can help. Though Clear Out Ink offers the Zimmer chiller system, removal creams can be effective as well while also costing a bit less than the chiller option.


The cream uses hydroquinone, a bleaching agent for the skin. By applying it to the skin, it can fade andreduce the melatonin in the skin, which by proxy fades the pigments of the skin. This is what can be used to lighten the tattoo over time.


Other removal creams can be used as well. Through continuous application, the tattoo should eventually fade—all without the pain that would have otherwise come from the tattoo removal process. The major issue with this method is that it will cause the skin around it to fade. So, unless you want to have the skin around your tattoo fade away as well, utilizing laser tattoo removal through the Zimmer chilling method is optimal.


Final Thoughts

Deciding that you want to go down the path of laser tattoo removal can be easier than ever. Clear Out Ink serves Las Vegas and Henderson, bringing painless tattoo removal to all who seek it out.


If you have been wrestling with the decision as to whether or not to get laser tattoo removal, the time is now. Knowing that the process can be done painlessly can provide all the reassurance needed. It doesn’t take much more to begin the path toward a safe, painless laser tattoo removal.