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Many people who seek laser tattoo removal want to reclaim their skin and their bodies. There are many reasons for removing tattoos, but ultimately the end goal is the same: clear, natural skin. Trading tattoo ink for scars doesn’t accomplish that, so it’s an understandable concern to have. Even if the trade-off is worth it, you should know what to expect.

The short answer is, scarring from laser tattoo removal is minimal to nonexistent, especially with the latest technologies. This blog dives into how tattoo removal affects your skin.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

It’s easier to accept that tattoo removal is safe if you know what to expect. Essentially, laser tattoo removal works because the laser uses a high-intensity beam to break apart the pigment deposited during the tattooing process.

It doesn’t damage your skin cells (or even focus on them). It’s targeted toward the pigment itself. At the end of your session, your skin cells should be undamaged.

What to Do to Prevent Scarring

There are things you can do to ensure scarring doesn’t occur, even though it’s unlikely.

Find a Safe Business

You want to do everything you can to minimize and avoid damage to your skin. The best way to ensure the whole process goes safely is to turn to trained experts for your tattoo removal. Wielding a laser isn’t for just anyone.

Clear Out Ink provides certified laser safety training and sets up your consultation with a Certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist. Additionally, there’s an on-site medical director for screenings and questions. You want a shop that cares about your safety – not just to prevent scarring, but to take care of you and keep you comfortable for the whole experience.

Take Care of Your Skin

After your appointment, get aftercare instructions from your specialist. It should include recommended products, a washing schedule, instructions for bandage changes, and what (if anything) you should avoid. Below are a few things you should steer clear of following a laser tattoo removal session.


Generally speaking, keep your skin clean, treat it gently, and give it time to heal. You’ll likely need several sessions, so a good routine will help keep your skin at its best.

Are Certain People More Prone to Scarring?

Most people don’t have much to worry about after tattoo removal. However, if you’re prone to developing keloids or have a keloid-related condition, you’re at higher risk of scarring. If you have old scars under the tattoo or developed them in the original tattoo healing process, they’ll still be there after tattoo removal.


If you’re considering laser tattoo removal, don’t let the idea of scarring stop you. It’s unlikely to happen, especially if you choose properly trained experts and take care of your skin. Experiences vary from person to person, and you should always consult with the specialist or expert performing your tattoo removal.