A Testimonial of Tattoo Regret

I originally had a tattoo of my daughter’s name done in an Old English style font that was hand drawn on the top shoulder of my back. Being that the artist fabricated his own equipment for his tattoo gun, I had to go out and purchase my own guitar string. The tattoo was just $20 and looking back, now I know why. I was young and dumb! The only positive outcome of that experience was by purchasing a new guitar string, it assured no infection or disease. When he traced the tattoo and placed it on my top of my back shoulder, he failed to tell me that when I stood up with straight posture, the letters would be squeezed together making it illegible. Additionally, the amateur tattoo artist added his own touch and made one of the letters looks like a serpent! It always has been an uncomfortable feeling.

The second tattoo I got was a Japanese symbol at the top of my shoulder. Although a professional tattoo artist completed this tattoo, it does not look professional for my career. Yes, it does correlate when I wear tank tops and jeans, but it does not in my professional attire. I am a role model for youth in Las Vegas and want to inspire them in all areas including their appearance.

I did purchase sessions at a local tattoo removal company in Las Vegas, but to no avail, the tattoos are still clearly visible. The competitor stated that it would only take 6-8 treatments, but that was not the case. My tattoos are still there. I really need these gone for good, so I would like to try Clear Out Ink, as you have the latest tattoo removal equipment.


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